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My Expert Interview by SoGlosWeddings

Recently I gave an interview about how I started Kushi Cars.  I’m a woman chauffeur in what is predominantly a man’s world. Want to know why?  Read my ‘back story’ by SoGlosWeddings.

Much Kushi Love    

xx Suzie xx

(C) Pixel Photography - Kingscote

(Credit: Pixel Photography)

Suzie Goodman started up her own wedding car company five years ago when a random web search lead her to spot and buy the car from her own wedding. Based in Cheltenham, her unique and eye-catching Ambassador Classic car is available for couples hoping to bag a beautiful and distinctive wedding car for their big day.

suzie car

In this expert interview Suzie talks to SoGlosWeddings about what makes Kushi Cars such a perfect choice for wedding days and how to arrive in style.

K&S Finished (2)

(Credit: Fear Photography)

Tell us what made you start up Kushi Cars? I loved the car from my own wedding so much I decided to buy it! It was a huge leap of faith into the unknown and something no-one would ever expect me to do, least of all me. But I like to be different and I needed a business that could fit around my family.

both car

What does Kushi Cars mean? Kushi means ‘happiness’ in Hindi and sums up our ethos and brand perfectly. We bring happiness to everyone we meet because the car has a nostalgic 1950s look and an interior that is so incredible, it always raises a smile. I also chose Kushi because in English it evokes feelings of comfort and cosiness; something my car has plenty of.


(Credit: Photoglow)

Tell us a bit about the car itself – what is it and how is it decorated? My car is an imported Ambassador from India based on the Morris Oxford. She is decorated in the Indian wedding style, so both bumpers are festooned with exotic flowers and her interior is lavished with rich fabrics of red and gold. Pretty much every inch inside is covered in sequins, beads and bells for that ‘Bollywood’ look. It is so over the top, it even has a chandelier on the ceiling!

Mr&MrsUnique at Aynhoe0013 Mr&MrsUnique at Aynhoe0020 fb5 P1020255

(Credit: Alexa Loy)

Do you personally drive the car for wedding hires? Yes, I always drive the car myself. When I first started Kushi Cars I thought that my husband might do some of the weddings but I love it so much that I couldn’t let anyone else do my job.


(Credit: John Day)

Apart from the decorations, what makes Kushi Cars so unique? Not only is it rare to see women chauffeuring wedding cars in what is traditionally ‘a man’s world’, I like to offer an intimate, chatty and quite girly experience. I pride myself on reading my passengers’ moods, as often dad is nervous and quiet so I focus on the bride and her wedding. My job is to keep her calm which is generally achieved with a good old girly natter!

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(credit: Craig Dearsley)

What does hiring Kushi Cars include? Hire includes me as your driver for up to three hours. A typical wedding will start with collecting the bride and her dad from home and driving them to the wedding venue. I usually wait until after the ceremony so that they can have some photos with the car. I always work closely with their photographer to help them get the best shots. I know my car well and know what makes for the best photos.


What is the best part of your job? Getting the bride to her wedding on time but in a way that’s fun and exciting. Nerves can play havoc with people on the day so it is my job to focus all my attention on my very important passengers.


What is the most memorable moment you’ve had since starting Kushi Cars? Probably my first wedding. I was understandably nervous but couldn’t tell the bride that she was my first! It was a beautiful barn wedding out in the Cotswolds and remains one of my favourites. Afterwards they wrote to thank me and let me have their photos with the car. As someone who is paid to provide a service, getting a personal thank you is really special.

tom and charlotte (338 of 798)

Do you have a favourite Kushi Cars wedding? My favourites are when the bride and groom bring in both sides of their cultures. With Indo/Anglo fusion weddings, there’s an English church service in the morning followed by an Indian ceremony in the afternoon. There are two outfits for the bride and groom and afternoon tea is served between the two ceremonies. At these long weddings, I always get fed the most delicious curries!


What’s the most unusual request you’ve had from a couple planning their wedding? As part of an Indo/Anglo fusion wedding last year, the priest asked me to drive over a coconut at the end of the Hindu ceremony. This is the final part of the two-hour long rituals and symbolises the removal of obstacles for their first journey as husband and wife. It was a bit of play acting and pantomime, but honestly the most fun.


What’s the most romantic request you’ve ever had? I think one of the most romantic weddings was a couple who married on a quiet Monday at Cheltenham Registry Office. There was no photographer and no flowers; you could almost call it a ‘naked’ wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I love big all singing and dancing weddings but this one was stripped down to what it is, two people and their commitment to loving each other forever and ever.


How many people can the car fit? How about brides with big meringue dresses? Easily three bridesmaids in the back and we can comfortably accommodate brides with ‘meringue’ dresses because Ambassadors have comfy, deep back seats. It’s one of the reasons I bought it. Often we have one in the front too, which means most of the bridal party get to experience riding in the most amazing car.


(Credit: Adam Scull)

Have you had any wedding day disasters, such as breakdowns, getting lost, burst tyres or last-minute jitters from the bride? Thankfully not many. I’ve had one bride burst into tears when she saw the church. I think the emotion of the build-up got to her. Luckily there was plenty of family around her to help and after five minutes she was marching down the aisle.

K&S Finished-4 (1)

Do you have any new and exciting plans for Kushi Cars in 2015? I’m planning on replacing the flowers on both the bumpers and having some of the interior re-done this year. It’s important that she looks her absolute best because of her very important job!

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Audrey & Karlsen’s 1950’s Barn Wedding – July 2014

Congratulations to Audrey and Karlsen who married at the beautiful Kingscote Barn near Tetbury. There was a definite nod to the 1950’s with THE BEST SHOES EVER – Melissa Shoes by Vivienne Westwood!!!  You could say that Her Outdoors fitted the brief perfectly!  This couple were so lucky to grab their photos in the sunshine because the weather turned into ‘cats and dogs’ rain later, as you’ll see. After the ceremony we drove them for some quiet time and photos in the beautiful Cotswold countryside near Tetbury. P1090490 P1090494 - Copy P1090495 P1090496 P1090498 P1090500 P1090501 P1090503 P1090504 P1090519 P1090526 P1090532 P1090535 P1090537 P1090551

Some of the official images by the ledge that is Clint from Pixel Photography. Awesome aren’t they?  (Always choose a professional photographer, always).

Kingscote1 Kingscote2 Kingscote3

Pixel Photography @ Kingscote Barn

Bon voyage you two, have yourselves a magnificent mini-moon!

Much Kushi Love

xx Suzie xx

Martin & Milica’s Scorching Cotswold Wedding – July 2014

Wow! What a scorcher of a day for Martin and Milica’s timeless wedding in The Cotswolds. First we collected Mum and bridesmaids from Garniche at the Puesdown and drove to Aldsworth Church before returning for Milica and her Dad. Wish I had more photos of her dress, it was sooo beautiful, classic and elegant. Just like the bride in fact.

P1090470 - Copy P1090472 - Copy P1090471 - Copy

P1090468 - Copy P1090473 - Copy P1090474 P1090475 P1090478 P1090480 P1090483 P1090484 P1090485 P1090486 P1090487 P1090488 P1090489


Lots of love to you two and wishing you all the best for your next journey to Bali and beyond.

Much Kushi Cars love

xx Suzie xx

Daryl & Suni’s Cotswold Irish/Indian Wedding – July 2014

Pleased as punch to be a part of Daryl & Suni’s Irish/Indian wedding in The Cotswolds today. (Nothing better than a 20 minute commute to work!)

We drove Suni and her proud parents from Middle Stanley Farm to a local church for what was an incredible celebration of love, vibrancy and two cultures fused.

P1090400 P1090401 P1090407 P1090424 P1090423 P1090417 P1090415 P1090413 P1090408 P1090428 P1090429 P1090431 P1090434 P1090442 P1090436

We hope they enjoyed our Indian car at their wedding? We certainly loved being a small part of it. Big congrats to them!

Kushi Love

xx Suzie xx

Clemmie & Prem’s Indian Cotswold Wedding – June 2014

The longest day of the year and the longest wedding of the year for us at 15 hours!  Starting in the pub to pick up Prem and His Men before driving them to Sezincote House near Moreton in Marsh for a stunning Indian/Anglo wedding ceremony. Sunshine always helps but more than that, Clemmie & Prem’s wedding was so well organised & managed that they truly relaxed and enjoyed their perfect day. P1090318

The Groom and His Men having photos and pre-wedding drinks at The Wild Rabbit in Kingham

P1090322 - Copy

Guests having pictures with Kushi Cars before Afternoon Tea in the house and grounds

P1090325 - Copy

Clemmie’s bridesmaids sneaking a balcony peak of the Hindu Milni ceremony attended by the Groom and guests only

P1090328 - Copy P1090329


Just like Kushi Cars,  Sezincote House is a little bit of Indian fabulousness in the heart of The Cotswolds.



Mr & Mrs!!!


Thank you lovely people for including us and make sure settle in Gloucestershire for good one day 🙂  

All our love and luck for your next journey together.

Kushi love

xx Suzie xx

Lindsay & Andy’s Wedding at Stone Barn – May 2014

Has to be THE best start to my week. Magical words from Friday’s bride that made me well up…

“Hi Suzie, Firstly, can I say thank you so much for the wonderful part you played in our special day. From helping me get into the car, to checking whether I’d removed my engagement ring and taking some of the best photos I’ve seen so far! The car is magical and went down a storm with all our guests. It really did add to the traveling theme of our wedding and I would highly recommend Kushi cars to everyone I know. Everybody warns you that you’ll feel a real low after it’s all over. To be honest, I had such a great time, I still feel elated. The one thing I do feel sad about is the relationships and friendships we formed with all the wonderful people that we met on the journey from he beginning to the actual wedding day, including you, are now at an end! Thank you once again! It would be great of you were able to find a minute to send me copies of those photos. Lots of love, Lindsay & Andy xxx”


Congratulations to Lindsay and Andy from London who got married at the stunning Stone Barn. These two met travelling so the theme for their wedding was all the places they’d been together. Their honeymoon will take them on a road trip to California. Love 🙂

IMG_4672 IMG_4673

IMG_4674 IMG_4689 IMG_4675 IMG_4693

Some very on-trend touches to their wedding don’t you think?  Oh, and all photos taken on my old iPhone4. Pretty good hey?!

Much Kushi Love,

xx Suzie xx

Lisa & Barry’s Swindon Wedding – May 2014

Sunshine, showers and plenty of laughter at Lisa & Barry’s wedding at St Mark’s Church in Swindon today. After 16 years together, these two married today with a VIP in tow – their gorgeous 6 year old daughter!  Their reception was at Spittleborough Farm in Brize Norton

P1090060 P1090061 P1090062 P1090063 P1090065 P1090067

Many congratulations you lovely people, we enjoyed every minute of our time together today. Hope you enjoyed the little spin?!

Much Kushi Love

xx Suzie xx

Vicky & Gavin – Painswick Rococo Gardens – April 2014


It took about 1300 hours to sew the thousands of swarovski crystals and beads onto Vicky’s dress, which was designed by her fashion designer friend and bridesmaid Hannah.

P1090046 P1090050 P1090052

I’ve never seen a dress so beautiful and my camera doesn’t do it justice. To say she glittered and shined is an understatement!

P1090047 P1090054

A perfect, woodland ceremony in the Painswick Rococo Gardens followed by a drive to the Old Lodge on Minchinhampton Common for their reception.


Congratulations Vicky and Gavin, hope you enjoyed the spin?! 😉

Kushi Love, Suzie xx

Helen & Rob’s Wedding – Malmesbury Town Hall – April 2014

Helen and Rob recently returned from 2 years working in a part of India where Ambassador cars like mine are literally everywhere.



A quick Google search and we were booked as their wedding transport. I’m so glad they found us because we LOVED being such an important part of their wedding day. A little bit of India in the Cotswolds.



Congratulations you lovely people 🙂


Kushi Love, Suzie xx


Katie & Stew – Priston Mill nr Bath

Friday was an epic 100+ mile drive, from Cheltenham via Bristol to Somerset and back again, for a beautiful barn wedding at the stunning Priston Mill nr Bath.

Mum rode up front with me, Katie and her Dad in the back. So much chatter and giggles on the way, helped by Katie being super chilled and very excited about the whole thing! 🙂

Massive congratulations to Katie and Stew and thank you for choosing us as your wedding car.

xx Suzie xx


The Magic Within…Take A Look Inside

Everyone notices my Ambassador because seeing an Indian car pootling around the Cotswolds is unheard of.  There’s nothing like it around these parts.  Most people clock the flowery bumpers and realise it’s a wedding car but it’s not until you look inside that the magic hits you.  Gasps of delight, astonishment and “Wow, look at the chandelier!” are often heard.  

It took 7 days to create her bejewelled interior of rich fabrics, not to mention A LOT of glue! Pretty much every surface that could be adhered to, was covered in fabrics sourced from the markets of India.  The inspiration was to recreate a Goan Sunset, hence the use of reds and golds throughout.

There’s two things I love about my car’s interior decor.  When the afternoon sun hits the sequins, they become almost iridescent and shimmer with a Mother of Pearl affect.  The other thing I love is the gentle sound of the beads and bells jingling and jangling over every bump in the road.  Something that brides and grooms often notice, especially when we do ‘Carriages at Midnight’ journeys.

Even the rear-view mirror is lavishly adorned with sequins and beads, perfect for this cute little shot of two bridesmaids.

Finally, no Indian car would be complete without an image of Ganesh somewhere, for he is ‘the remover of obstacles’ who keeps us both safe.  My car’s Ganesh also doubles up as a handy jostick burner.

Hopefully you can just see his outline, next to the ‘mini me’ toy Ambassador on my dashboard.

Put all these opulent surroundings together and what do you get when you hire us as your wedding car?  THE most incredible back-drop for your wedding photographs, guaranteed!

Kushi Love

xx Suzie xx



Mark Walford Photography

Gemma Williams Photography

Simon Young Photography

Alexa Loy Photography

John Day Photography

Ding Ding! All Change…Introducing Our New Name KUSHI CARS…

suzie car

My shiny new blog and how fitting that my first post should be about my new name!  From September 2013, we will be known as KUSHI CARS.  Kushi means ‘happiness’ in Hindi and I know that my Ambassador always makes people feel happy. In fact, she positively revels in giving weddings a special and quirky twist, as well as a show-stopping arrival for you as the bride.

If you’ve just found us and want to know more about our ‘back story’ (X Factor stylee!) then I shall begin…

As well as a couple of babies along the way, I gave birth to Kushi Cars in 2010 when a random Google search found that the car from my own wedding was for sale! Three years and dozens of weddings later, there’s still nothing like this car or concept (lady chauffeur anyone?!) around. 

Kushi Cars are fabulously decorated Ambassador cars based on the Morris Oxford from the 1950’s.  Think of a Morris Minor, only much bigger and with a boot! Famous for their roominess, reliability and excellent suspension, Ambassadors are still widely used across the Indian sub-continent as taxis.

Looking for a car to hire for your wedding? At Kushi Cars our car is available to hire throughout Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds

We’re happy to travel to: Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud, Cirencester, Tewskesbury, Swindon and Oxford.  We have also ventured as far as Bristol and Birmingham but prefer a gentle pootle on the A roads for such journeys.

xx Suzie xx

xx Suzie xx