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Katie & Stew – Priston Mill nr Bath

Friday was an epic 100+ mile drive, from Cheltenham via Bristol to Somerset and back again, for a beautiful barn wedding at the stunning Priston Mill nr Bath.

Mum rode up front with me, Katie and her Dad in the back. So much chatter and giggles on the way, helped by Katie being super chilled and very excited about the whole thing! ­čÖé

Massive congratulations to Katie and Stew and thank you for choosing us as your wedding car.

xx Suzie xx


The Magic Within…Take A Look Inside

Everyone notices my Ambassador because seeing an Indian car pootling around the Cotswolds is unheard of. ┬áThere’s nothing like it around these parts. ┬áMost people clock the flowery bumpers and realise it’s a wedding car but it’s not until you look inside that the magic hits you. ┬áGasps of delight, astonishment and “Wow, look at the chandelier!” are often heard. ┬á

It took 7 days to create her bejewelled interior of rich fabrics, not to mention A LOT of glue! Pretty much every surface that could be adhered to, was covered in fabrics sourced from the markets of India.  The inspiration was to recreate a Goan Sunset, hence the use of reds and golds throughout.

There’s two things I love about my car’s interior decor. ┬áWhen the afternoon sun hits the sequins, they become almost iridescent and shimmer with a Mother of Pearl affect. ┬áThe other thing I love is the gentle sound of the beads and bells jingling and jangling over every bump in the road. ┬áSomething that brides and grooms often notice, especially when we do ‘Carriages at Midnight’ journeys.

Even the rear-view mirror is lavishly adorned with sequins and beads, perfect for this cute little shot of two bridesmaids.

Finally, no Indian car would be complete without an image of Ganesh somewhere, for he is ‘the remover of obstacles’ who keeps us both safe. ┬áMy car’s Ganesh also doubles up as a handy jostick burner.

Hopefully you can just see his outline, next to the ‘mini me’ toy Ambassador on my dashboard.

Put all these opulent surroundings together and what do you get when you hire us as your wedding car?  THE most incredible back-drop for your wedding photographs, guaranteed!

Kushi Love

xx Suzie xx



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