Hello, I’m Suzie Goodman… Mum, Wife, Cockapoo Lover and proud owner of Kushi Cars. In 2010, a random Google search found that the wedding car company from our own wedding was for sale so I bought it! 10 years and hundreds of weddings later, there’s still nothing quite like us around. Together, we make every bride’s arrival unique and special. My Kushi Car is an Ambassador Classic made by Hindustan Motors in Calcutta, India. These iconic cars are based on the Morris Oxford, a British classic from the 1950’s. Similar to their smaller cousin the Morris Minor, (only bigger and with a boot), Ambassadors are famed for their roominess, reliability and excellent suspension. But it’s the sparkly Bollywood bling interior that knocks everyone’s socks off. We get a ‘wow’ reaction from everyone we meet and promise to add the ‘wow’ to your wedding. Kushi Cars makes your entrance!

Suzie x