Ding Ding! All Change…Introducing Our New Name KUSHI CARS…

Suzie Goodman

Suzie Goodman

Owner & Driver, Kushi Cars

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My shiny new blog and how fitting that my first post should be about my new name!  From September 2013, we will be known as KUSHI CARS.  Kushi means ‘happiness’ in Hindi and I know that my Ambassador always makes people feel happy. In fact, she positively revels in giving weddings a special and quirky twist, as well as a show-stopping arrival for you as the bride.

If you’ve just found us and want to know more about our ‘back story’ (X Factor stylee!) then I shall begin…

As well as a couple of babies along the way, I gave birth to Kushi Cars in 2010 when a random Google search found that the car from my own wedding was for sale! Three years and dozens of weddings later, there’s still nothing like this car or concept (lady chauffeur anyone?!) around. 

Kushi Cars www.kushicars.co.uk are fabulously decorated Ambassador cars based on the Morris Oxford from the 1950’s.  Think of a Morris Minor, only much bigger and with a boot! Famous for their roominess, reliability and excellent suspension, Ambassadors are still widely used across the Indian sub-continent as taxis.

Looking for a car to hire for your wedding? At Kushi Cars our car is available to hire throughout Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds

We’re happy to travel to: Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud, Cirencester, Tewskesbury, Swindon and Oxford.  We have also ventured as far as Bristol and Birmingham but prefer a gentle pootle on the A roads for such journeys.

xx Suzie xx

xx Suzie xx

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