Here at Kushi Cars we have tried to think of every possible question you might have and answer it accordingly. There’s lots more in our Expert Interview. However, if you have any questions not covered below, please email us at

How long has your business been running?
I started Kushi Cars in 2010 so I am proud to say that my business is in its 10th year now. Word of mouth and a great presence on social media mean that I rarely advertise or go to wedding fairs these days. But don’t take my word for it, see what some of our previous couples say here.

What’s so great about an Ambassador?
To be perfectly honest, as cars go, they aren’t actually all that great. Compared to a modern car that is. Thirsty on the petrol, there’s no power steering, so biceps of steel are needed to manoeuvre. Sometimes it feels like you have to stand on the brakes to stop, and don’t get me started on the handbrake. Let’s just say, if hill starts were a sport, I could enter the Olympics! With no air con, on a hot summer’s day, shade from a tree is my only friend when parked. That and a good old fashioned fan of course. Yep, driving an old Ambassador is not for the faint hearted that’s for sure. But that’s also why I love it so. It’s quirky, whiny and cool. It never fails to get a reaction and turn heads, I feel proud to own such a rare beast. And rare it is. After more than 50 years, production in India ceased in 2015. The iconic Amby is no more (sob). Well, apart from the 33,000 or so working as taxis in Kolkata! But what’s so great about the Ambassador and why does it make a good wedding car? Well, to start with, there’s the ample legroom and roomy backseat that bounces along on the comfy suspension. Its impressive headroom and low front seats give you the bride, an uninterrupted view. Top it off with my Amby’s jingly jangly interior and flowery bumpers, it’s a perfect one-off, work of art, that’s guaranteed to give your wedding the wow factor. Promise.

How much does it cost to hire a Kushi Car?
Our pricing is flexible and we always provide a tailored quote to suit your exact requirements. Quotations are based on several factors, including the number of passengers/journeys, the mileage and route from our base in Cheltenham, waiting times and any other special requirements. As a rough guide, wedding hire for up to 2 hours starts at £325 during the peak wedding season March – October. Discounts are available for out of season and mid-week weddings.

What does a typical hire include?
Typically, hire includes our Kushi Car and driver (that’ll be me!) for a minimum of two hours, and includes the journey time from/to our base in Cheltenham. Generally, the bride and her escort(s) will be picked up from the house or hotel and taken to the marriage venue. This is a very special and sometimes emotional journey. After a busy morning of getting ready, it’s a moment of calm and reflection. My job is to ‘read the mood’ and act accordingly, by either talking to my passengers to distract them from their nerves, or by letting them have those precious moments just together. Sometimes, our journey ends there but often, especially with civil ceremonies, I wait outside the venue, (usually 20-30 mins) for the Bride and Groom to have some of their first married pictures with the car. We can drive somewhere with their photographer for a few shots in the beautiful countryside. With church services, I take the bride and groom onto their reception venue, sometimes stopping along the way for their photos. Couples love this journey together. Travelling in the car, talking about the morning getting ready, having some time away from their guests to absorb the ceremony, etc. All those photos and hugs from people, everyone looking at you, lovely as it is, can also be quite overwhelming sometimes! You’ll want your wedding photos to look fun and relaxed, so getting away for 30 minutes will be time well spent. It’s your day after all.

How do I ask for a quote?
In the first instance, email as many details as possible. Include the date of the wedding and approximate timings, the hotel/home address for pick-up, the number of passengers and journeys, the wedding venue address and timings, the reception venue address and any additional waiting times and photograph requests or special requirements, e.g. a photo stop en route to the venue. I endeavour to provide a written quotation within 24 hours and always follow up with a text just in case. (Quotes to Hotmail go into junk folders!)

Can I come and see you and the car?
Of course! If you would like to meet me and the car in person, I’d love to tell you more. Or you can read more about us in our Expert Interview. There’s heaps of our 5 Star reviews on my blog showing just some of the awesome feedback I get from couples.

Which areas do you cover?
Kushi Cars is based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and all quotations reflect the journey times, route and distances from/to our base. Generally, we travel about an hour or so from Cheltenham in any direction, covering Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Bristol, Bath, Stroud and all the places in between. Kushi Cars can travel long distances but the quote will reflect the extra time it takes as we try to avoid motorways and travelling at speed. With a top speed of about 52mph, a Kushi Car cannot get to places in the same time as you in your car! For an additional cost, it is possible to trailer a Kushi Car for distances out of the driving radius. This depends on the time of year and what other bookings are already in the diary.

How many seats are there?
For insurance, safety and comfort, we can seat 3 passengers comfortably; two in the back and one in the front passenger seat. If the time and distances allow it, we are happy to do several journeys to get the bridal party to the ceremony. For example, we can take the bridesmaids first, before coming back for the bride and her escort. After your busy (and sometimes emotional) morning of getting ready with your girls, you’ll appreciate the 20 minutes of quiet time to settle your nerves! We can provide car seats for children but please be aware that there are only lap belts in the back so it is advisable for children and infants to travel in the front passenger seat.

Can you make multiple journeys?
Yes, it is possible to undertake multiple journeys but please note that 5 minutes in a modern car is probably 10 minutes in an Ambassador! Also, bear in mind how long the bridesmaids will be waiting for you at the venue, and how that might impact on your morning getting hair and make-up done. Sometimes it is just as easy to arrange a taxi for the bridesmaids.

Who drives the car and what do you wear?
The car is always driven by me (Suzie) and I come dressed smartly fabulous, just like one of your guests (but without the high heels). Don’t expect a stuffy suit and a chauffeur’s cap though, that’s really not our style. If for any reason I was taken ill on the day of your wedding, my lovely husband can step in.

Can I drive the car myself?
Sorry, no. For insurance purposes, Kushi Cars are not available for self-drive hire. All journeys are chauffeur-driven by myself. Sit back, relax and enjoy someone else taking care of you in what will be the first and one of the most memorable rides of your married life!

Can I hire more than one Kushi Cars?
Presently, there is only one Ambassador to hire through Kushi Cars. However, there are more Ambassadors dotted around the country. Please email for info.

Can I decorate the car myself?
The car is fully decorated with permanent flower garlands on both bumpers. However, it is possible for a small fee to have our eucalyptus garlands or naked bumpers/ribbons. The interior is bedecked with rich fabrics of red and gold, including a chandelier on the ceiling.

Can I hire more than one Kushi Car?
Presently, there is only one Ambassador to hire through Kushi Cars. However, there are more Ambassadors dotted around the country. Please email for info.

What happens if the car breaks down?
Maintenance is a number one priority for us, I’m running a business after all. Terry, my mechanic is 5 minutes from our base and is a super star at dropping everything to help. My car is kept in pristine condition with regular servicing as well as full-time garaging to avoid additional wear and tear from the elements. Obviously, with any car, breakdowns are a possibility but (touch wood) this has never occurred. We have full AA breakdown cover but if time is against us, we will do our best to make alternative arrangements for you. Kushi Cars cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstances beyond our control and we will only be liable to refund you any payments received.

Does the car come with additional services like flowers or champagne?
We provide a blanket, a chilled bottle of water, fan, tissues, mirror, mints and all the girly touches a bride might need. We don’t provide champagne because we are just not that kind of wedding car, plus the fabric on the seats would be a pain to clean! The rear parcel shelf and both bumpers are adorned with garlands of kitsch faux flowers, so additional flowers and ribbons are not needed. However, if they are not to your taste then we can of course remove them and add ribbons instead. For a small additional cost, we are able to change the bumper garlands and parcel shelf to our new faux eucalyptus ones.

Do you do Proms?
We are fully licensed and insured for weddings only. Unfortunately, due to current legislation and insurance restrictions we cannot hire our vehicle for Proms, Formals, Leavers days or Hen/Stag parties. Hire for static display purposes or dressing of an area is allowed, so do get in touch if you have an event coming up.

I love it, how do I book?
Great! If you are happy with the quotation, I will email you my Terms & Conditions and a Booking Form. Read the T&Cs and keep them safe somewhere. Print out the booking form, fill it in to the best of your knowledge and email/post it back to me. This is our contract and what I use to plan your journey. it is also possible to email me a scanned/signed PDF is that’s easier. Bookings are only confirmed once I have received a 50% non-refundable booking fee. The remaining balance is due no later than 6 weeks before your wedding date. Payment is via BACS online banking. Cash, cheques or card payments are not available. Receipts for all payments are emailed to you once funds have cleared. Two or three days before your wedding, I will call to confirm the details and go through the final running order.

How do I change a booking?
We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and will always endeavour to be as flexible and accommodating as possible if your arrangements change at the last minute. You could say we go the extra mile! Please be aware that additional journeys or waiting times will be charged at £75/hour depending on the time of day or distances. Changes must be made in writing at least 24 hours before the wedding to ensure a smooth-running day.

How do I cancel a booking?
All 50% booking fees made at the time of booking are non-refundable. Cancellations must be made in writing, no less than 6 weeks before the wedding date to avoid paying the remaining 50% balance. If full payment has been received, Kushi Cars is only liable to pay 50% of the booking if notice is given 6 weeks before the wedding. Cancellations made after this time will incur the remaining 50% balance to be paid.