Lucy & Mike’s Champagne City Wedding in Bristol

Suzie Goodman

Suzie Goodman

Owner & Driver, Kushi Cars

Back in brilliant Bristol for our penultimate wedding of 2015…Booooo!!! Lucy & Mike married at The Square Club, with a champagne themed wedding, full to bursting with love, fun and funk. Lucy loved using the car as a prop at every opportunity, particularly on our little jaunt with their photographer Tasha Park to incorporate some classic Bristolian street art. As they say in Bristol, loves it!

Lucy & Mike-146 (1280x853) Lucy & Mike-134 (1280x853) Lucy & Mike-126 (1280x853) P1110516 P1110518 Lucy & Mike-325 (1280x853) Lucy & Mike-312 (1280x854)

Good luck to these two on their next journey as Mr & Mrs ♥

Much Kushi Love

xx Suzie xx

P.S. Thanks to Tasha Park for some of these images. I think it’s fairly obvious which are taken by the professional 😉

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