What’s so great about an Ambassdor wedding car?

Suzie Goodman

Suzie Goodman

Owner & Driver, Kushi Cars

To be perfectly honest, as cars go, they aren’t actually all that great.  Compared to a modern car that is.  Thirsty on the petrol, there’s no power steering, so biceps of steel are needed to maneuver.  Sometimes it feels like you have to stand on the brakes to stop, and don’t get me started on the handbrake.  Let’s just say, if hill starts were a sport, I could enter the Olympics! With no air con, on a hot summer’s day, shade from a tree is my only friend when parked.  That and a fan of course.  Yep, driving an old Ambassador is not for the faint hearted that’s for sure. But that’s also why I love it so. It’s quirky, whiny and cool.  It never fails to get a reaction and turn heads, I feel proud to own such a rare beast.  And rare it is, after 50+ years of production in India ceased in 2014, the iconic Amby is no more. Well, apart from the 33,000 or so working as taxis in Kolkata! But what’s great about the Ambassador and why does it make a good wedding car? Well, to start with, there’s the ample legroom and roomy backseat that bounces along on the comfy suspension. Its impressive headroom and low front seats give passengers an uninterrupted view. Top it off with my Amby’s bejewelled interior and flowery bumpers, it’s a perfect, one-off, work of art that’s guaranteed to give your wedding the wow factor.


Much Kushi love

xx Suzie xx

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